Time to Switch?

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Nintendo. Not quite “fanboy” levels (I sided with Sega in the Genesis VS SNES console war) but I do own every console to date. Well, except for one. And that one is the Nintendo Switch. “Why Dom, why? You are most certainly a fanboy, you bought every one of those stupid Amiibos!” Yes, I may love Nintendo, but I’m not ready to make the leap to the Switch and here’s why!

More Costly Than It Seems
At 300 bones, the Switch is really cheap, especially for what you’re getting. It’s sleek as hell, fits nicely in your hands, and the screen looks great. I dig the feeling of the Joy-Cons when they are in the grip handle, almost as nice as the Game Cube controller. And even when playing with the Joy-Cons sideways they aren’t as small as you’d think and trust me I got big ol’ hands. So why not snag another pair to play some 4 player split screen in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? That’s gonna cost you about 80 buckaroos there my friend. And if you want to get another charging grip to put them Joy-Con’s in, well cough up another $30. Ok, ok, so maybe you’ll just grab a couple of Pro Controllers. 70 smackers a piece. Nintendo has always been great with giving us local multiplayer, and in this day and age, that is something I’m very grateful for. But damn, they’re gonna make sure you pay for it. Oh and a bundle or something would be nice!


Hardware Problems
I don’t believe it is as big of an issue as some people on the internet would have you believe, but there are a few problems with the actual hardware. While putting the Switch back into its dock, the screen can get scratched if you aren’t careful enough. A small number of left joy-con has been found to de-sync from the system. Lastly, the screen itself has been found to pop out slightly from its shell. This one has even been confirmed by my friend EdTM (he’s the only person I know with a Switch) All these things have fixes that are easy enough, just throw on a screen protector or send it into Nintendo and it is covered by your warranty. The reason these problems deter me from buying one is not because they are slightly annoying, but it worries me that there may be a hardware revision sooner than later. Even though revisions don’t usually happen with Nintendo home consoles, or at least not so early into their cycle, any DS and 3DS owners out there know that Nintendo can get happy with revising hardware. Since the Switch blurs the line between home console and handheld, I think it’s very possibly we may see a “NEW” Switch at some point. And it’s a bummer to have a newer, fully fleshed out piece of hardware released when you’re an early adopter.

Small Exclusives List
You have about 10 truly exclusive games for the console right now and of those the amount of physical released exclusives can be counted on one hand. 1-2 Switch, Super Bomberman RX, and now Mario Kart Deluxe, which I’m being very generous by counting that. Yes, Breath of the Wild is awesome, but it isn’t exclusive. So as a Wii U owner (there are dozens of us!) I have no real reason to plunk down 300+ dollars to play some ports and a mediocre (again generous) party game. Even the games currently on the near horizon aren’t doing anything for me. Arms doesn’t look bad, but it is no system seller. Splatoon 2 looks great, but I need to see a lot more changes to differentiate it from the first one enough to get me hyped on it. And Mario Odyssey is just too far away. The tech is cool, but a console’s specs or gimmicks won’t make it memorable. It has always and will always be about the exclusives library.
                                      NO, I DON’T WANT TO MILK COWS WITH YOU FARMER FRAN

So, when will I be getting a Switch? That’s tough to say at this point in its life cycle. It seemed as though Nintendo was in a rush to release it, since the Wii U was as good as dead (sorry pal) that doesn’t mean I will rush to buy it. I think by the time E3 rolls around we will all get a better idea of what’s in store for next year and hopefully beyond. If Nintendo busts out the big guns ala Donkey Kong, Metroid, or Kirby early in 2018 right after Mario Odyssey, then you better believe I’ll be sold on one! When will you be getting a Switch? Do you already own one? Sound off in the comments below!

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