The E3 Airing of Grievances!

E3 is a such a magical time of the year. Gamers are treated with a flood of information, trailers, and gameplay footage about new games on the horizon. The dust is beginning to settle on E3 2017, and there was so much to be happy with (that new DBZ game looks sick!) but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. As gamers we have hopes and dreams for all the possibilities that could be announced at the show and unfortunately we’re often left in the cold on some of our favorite franchises. So let’s conclude E3 2017 with the traditional airing of grievances! I gotta lot of problems with you E3, and now, you’re gonna hear about it!

Announcing Games Years in Advance
Man, remember when Square Enix showed us that awesome Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer back in 2015! That was awesome! I bet you’re still super stoked for it to come out right? Yeah, neither am I. After nearly a decade Square announced that it was FINALLY (heh) going to be remaking FF7. It was an Earth shattering announcement and the hype was unreal. Now, I didn’t expect it to be released anytime before 2018, come on lets be realistic. But to not have any sort of update or gameplay to show off this year is just incredibly frustrating. And Square isn’t the only culprit that does this stuff. Think of all the trailers and gameplay footage we see to games that won’t be out until years later. Last E3 we saw a new God of War announced and it was at E3 again this year, announcing its release date of next year. What’s the point in that? Why do the need to build the excitement to insane levels years in advance for a game, when probably that’s what’s going to hurt it most of all. Imagine they didn’t announce FF7 until the year it was ready to go. People would be so surprised and chomping at the bit to play. They’d also be able to stay excited for a until the release date. Because nothing kills my excitement like finding out the game that was just shown won’t be released for years…

Announcing Games With NOTHING To Show!
Ok, so I was wrong, this kills my excitement even more. And it happened 2 times this year, from my favorite company no less. Nintendo rocked the gaming world by announcing that Metroid Prime 4 would be released on the Switch! All was finally made right to fans of the franchise! Well, except all we saw was…You might think I’m crazy or being overly critical, but this does not make me happy. Yeah it’s cool that Metroid is going to come back after years of being treated like crap, but it’s just some words on a screen. No gameplay, no concept art, nothing. It also overshadowed another Metroid game that’s actually releasing this year! September 15th you can play Metroid: Return of Samus on 3DS. That’s how you announce something. It was a surprise and it’s coming out soon. The other bomb the Big N dropped was that there is a core Pokémon game being made for the Switch. Ok. Cool. But that announcement didn’t even have a title! It was just a guy saying, “hey, were making Pokémon right now. It’ll be out sometime, I guess…” (yes these were the exact words exactly) What a bummer of an announcement.

Games Never Heard From AgainMaking games must be extremely difficult. I know I couldn’t do it. So it’s understandable that there would be problems with development and that projects could fail. But what pisses me off is that after a company does the first 2 things I mentioned and then bails on a game. A great example is the Contra game announced in 2011. No one forced them to announce a Contra game, let alone with just a title. And now it’s been 6 years and I’m beginning to think this game ain’t coming out! It makes me so sad. I love Contra so don’t bring my hopes up to mercilessly crush them over the course of years. It’s not nice Konami 🙁

Here’s just a quick list of 7 other disappointments I was left with after this E3:
No word on a new Animal Crossing
TOO MANY AMIIBO! Please stop I can’t buy any more
No Resident Evil 2 Remake Info
Lack of NEW IP’s! Sequel’s are fine, but give me something NEW
Lack of OLD IP’s! When’s the last time we played a new COMIX ZONE?!?!
No new DreamCast games? What’s the deal Sega?
PIKMIN 4 was close to completion years ago, wasn’t it?

What did E3 do this year to leave a gaping hole in your heart? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Oh man do they usually leave big gaping holes in your heart? :,-(

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