Super Russian Roulette Review!

The Nintendo Entertainment System hasn’t seen many releases lately. What gives? Well, I guess it has been over 30 years since it was released…  we should stop hoping for some new games right? OH HELL NO! CAUSE THERES A NEW NES GAME IN 2017!!!! Super Russian Roulette is a party game made by Andrew Reitano of BATLAB Electronics and was successfully backed on Kickstarter in 2016! Now you can play the ultimate game of chance, Russian Roulette, without any of the grizzly deaths! This game features a smack talking’ cowboy who you’ll laugh along with and who you’ll want to see dead.  Find out what Dom thinks about this new game for the NES!

Check out Andrew’s store if you wanna pick the game up, but hurry! Quantities are extremely limited!

Also check him out on Twitter!:

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