My Experience with Video Game Collecting

Hey, you wanna play a game?”

 “Yeah, ok, what game?”

 “Hmmm, you pick.” 

“Ehh, I dunno, you don’t have anything good…” 

Does this conversation sound familiar? Then you probably have a wall of games staring you in the face. I was like that once, and even today most sane people would say I have way too many video games. To those people I’d say “hey. BACK OFF!” At one point I had over a thousand physical copies. So just like scrolling endlessly through Netflix for hours, with so many choices it was overwhelming to pick something to play. But I really loved collecting and the thrill of the hunt. Finding a great deal on retro games at yard sales, on craigslist, or thrift stores, was a fun afternoon for me. It didn’t even matter if I ever even played the game. My thirst for collecting could not be satiated. It started with just a drawer, then a shelf, a bookcase, a second book case, and then just stacking things in my closet.

A large portion of those games were ones that only cost a buck or two, or I got from people who were throwing them out. And realistically I should have let them be thrown out, because most of them were either unmemorable or the definition of garbage. Games like BOB, Silver Surfer, or Mario is Missing. Who would ever want to play these, let alone multiple times in their lives? 


One day while rummaging through a dumpster in the back of a local thrift store I had an epiphany. Not only was I surrounded with literal trash, but most of my collection was trash too. Crummy licensed games, games that I hated, and so many sports games! Why?!? I have no idea. The point wasn’t collecting but PLAYING the video games. So if I wasn’t going to play a game, why keep it? Thus begun the great purge. Selling awful games away for pennies on the dollar or just straight up giving them away to other collectors. I’m glad they’re gone. So much room for activities. And better games. Games I like. Games I’ll play. Yeah I still have about 500 games in my collection, but half are gone and the ones  left are all games I think are good and worth playing through multiple times. Sure there are quite a few I haven’t played yet, but when I do and if I don’t like them, then away with it.

A far more streamlined collection

Sometimes I still do get that itch to go out on the hunt, but now I make sure to look for things I’ll enjoy. Because space is limited and so is time, and if you disagree with that, then ask yourself how many more times do you really plan on playing Batman Forever in your life?


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